3 easy ways to get the WOW Factor for any event!

We all want our event to be special. We all want our guests (or clients) to talk about it. We want it to be memorable.

Well the only way to make your event stand out of the crowd is by having something about it where people will have no other choice but to say ‘WOW’. Anything short of “WOW” is unremarkable hence easily forgotten about!

Now the easiest way to get the wow factor is by having a massive budget- think of celebrity performers, in-door fireworks or interactive walls. Events of this scale are great fun and they have the WOW factor by definition, but even parties with small budgets held in budget venues can (and in my opinion should!) have the WOW factor nevertheless. Why should we deliver anything less than WOW?

Eye-catching drinks

​One of the easiest ways to stand out of the crowd is to create an eye-catching cocktail. Cocktails do not cost that much to make, you can even use mocktails - it is mostly about the look anyway. Choose a colour that represents your event and find a cocktail that will match the occasion. You can discuss this with your experienced bartenders at any previous event or check it out online ( I recommend www.cocktailflow.com). Colourful cocktails always draw attention and if your bartender makes them taste as good as they look you have your wow factor guaranteed.



Another is canapés. Yes they have to be tasty and nicely presented- that your guests will take for granted. But how about presenting them on a surface that will make your audience go “Wow that looks great”. The best display I have seen was canapés displayed on an IPad with a colourful display underneath- people LOVED IT! It became the most talked about aspect of the event and it was very easy to do.

Most people have an IPad so it shouldn't be a problem to get 2-3 devices from members of your team. Upload on it a picture or a video that matches the event; if its a wedding you might put a short clip of the wedding couple and if its a corporate event you might put their recent tv advert playing on the loop. Carefully put cling film around the device before you put any canapés on it to make sure it doesn’t get damaged and VOILA! WOW factor number 2 is achieved!

Model Waiting Staff

Staffing can also set your event apart from others. You can use model waiters and hostesses to add a bit of glamour to your party. Model waiters who are tall, athletic and wearing a smart uniform will do your party wonders - your guests will have no other choice but to compliment how attractive your staff are.

Model waiters are not cheap- they cost almost double the standard waiting rate so if your budget does not allow to have all model staff why not just get a few model waiters to be behind the bar and offering the trays on arrival. It will set the tone for the evening, remember first impressions count!

All steps above are not expensive - they hardly take away your events budget yet they add something special to your party. Something that the guests will compliment you on and remember the night by!

If you have any further ideas how to achieve the wow factor in events please share it with me - I would love to hear your thoughts!